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We were looking at forces and magnets in science, which could be tricky to replicate at home unless you happen to have a cracking collection of magnets, which I’ll assume most households do not.

Instead, I’d like children to look ahead to our plants unit – could children please research something that they can grow in their garden/house? Hopefully, we’ll still be able to grow our own plants starting soonish – if not, have a look at existing plants in your garden/house that can be monitored/measured.

We’ll be looking at different types of plants/parts of plants over the next few weeks, so could children start looking at grouping plants they know – ideally ones in their garden/somewhere they can actually see and touch the plants. Encourage your child to look at the leaves, whether they have flowers/fruit/seeds they can see, to spot similarities and differences and to think about how they could group the plants into different categories. Don’t worry at this stage about scientific terms, just focus on the recognition of plants coming in a large number of shapes and sizes.