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At Brinscall St. John’s, we recognise that mathematics is an area of learning crucial to children’s understanding of the world around them. Mathematics is understood to be both a set of skills and a component of a growth mindset.  


At Brinscall St John’s, we intend to provide children with the tools they need to work in mathematics through comprehensive teaching of calculations and mathematical methods. Children are encouraged to develop fluency and confidence in these methods to enable them to problem-solve and reason, skills that are vital to children’s development and understanding of the world around them.  


In implementing this at Brinscall St. John’s, we value this reasoning and problem-solving as being a crucial part of mathematical learning and learning as a whole and aim to develop this across every lesson and year group.  

Spirituality in our curriculum

What is mastery in mathematics?

Please see links below for websites with games to play to develop and practise mathematical skills.