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What is PSHE and why do we do it?


PSHE stands for 'Personal, Social, Health and Economic education'.


PSHE is an area of the curriculum that can be linked to every aspect of everybody's life.  It is where we learn about the rigors of life and practice many of the skills we need throughout our daily lives, whilst also explaining the importance of them.  In Year 2, we cover units that look at tying shoelaces, brushing our teeth, eating healthily, bullying, appropriate touch, image sharing, practicing skills, worry, anger, grief, and many other emotions. 


Below is a PowerPoint and resources supplied by the PSHE Association for you to use at home.


If you can think about any of these or practice any of these whilst you're at home, that would be great.  Otherwise there are resources at the bottom of the page that you could look at and use to help you.  Some of these many need you to sign up or subscribe so make sure you check with an adult first. The link for the Oak Academy will also take you to resources that fit with what we are doing in class at the moment too.