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Standards and Effectiveness Committee

Our Standards and Effectiveness Committee consists of:


Mr D Frost (Chair); Mr D Hall (Clerk); Mrs L Clayton and Rev K Hilsden


Standards and Effectiveness Committee:

The main function of this committee is to monitor progress, evaluate the achievement of the school and its pupils, as well as the quality of education provided.

Standards and Effectiveness Committee:


Annual Report to Parents 2022


 • Governors were constantly updated on the remote learning plans that were implemented due to COVID and were made aware of the complexities due to the range of different scenarios. (Whole class, part class and individuals could be absent at short notice). This also led to a better understanding of the challenges to staff and their well-being.

• The impact of COVID and the interventions needed to close any gaps, including the National Tutoring Programme, were constantly monitored.

• At each meeting data was made available to allow governors to monitor progress across the whole school, followed by a question and answer session with the Headteacher.

• The governors were given a deeper understanding of EYFS and the Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme.

• Each governor follows a cohort throughout the school. Meetings with their teacher allowed governors to have a deeper understanding of their designated cohort. 

• Governors were made aware of the importance of provision for the more-able and how this was achieved.



 Standards and Effectiveness Committee Impact 2021-2022

During the 2021-2022 academic year this impact of this committee has been reflected in:

• Governors’ challenge in relation to data tracking, with particular reference to school improvement priorities; reading and maths.

• Establishment of cohort governors.

• Detailed analysis of data and understanding of cohort specific needs – links between committees and tracking of standards.

• Funding, delivery and evaluation of the National Tutoring Programme and Catch-up Funding allocations.