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Week beginning 21.2.22

You only need to complete one of these sheets.  

Week beginning 10.1.22

Week beginning 15.11.21

Look for items in your house that are made of plastic eg, plastic toys, plastic bags, bottles etc.  Can you describe their properties?  Are they flexible, transparent, smooth, rough, shiny, dull etc?  


We are using too much plastic and it can't all be recycled.  Your challenge is to make something new out of a plastic container that may just get thrown away.  For example, you could make a pen pot or a vase out of a bottle or you could turn a yoghurt pot into a plant pot.  

Week Beginning 4.10.21

If possible, have a look in your garden for any minibeasts.  What do they need to survive?  Where do they get what they need from?  

Watch the video clip.  What do animals need to survive?  What might happen if they don't get these.  Draw an animal from either the video clip or of your own choice.  What senses does it use to help keep it safe and to find food?  


Recap activities based on our learning about animals including humans