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Curriculum and Pupil Welfare Committee

Our Curriculum and Pupil Welfare Committee consists of:


Mr D Hall (Chair); Mrs S Krige (Clerk); Mrs L Clayton, Mrs R Stone and Mr S Westwood (Observer).


Curriculum and Pupil Welfare Committee


The main function of this committee is to ensure that the school curriculum meets statutory requirements and obligations, while monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the curriculum and pupil welfare.


outline of the impact identified by the Governing Board during the Academic Year 2021 2022 is given below:

Curriculum Committee:


The governors have continued to review the curriculum offer continuing to focus on curriculum recovery initiatives post COVID.


The challenging attendance data has been reviewed with the continuing impact of COVID absence and family holidays been understandably re-scheduled. It has been noted that the school is still below national and regional absence data.


A revised Attendance Policy will provide support for school in respect of absence in particular the management of irregular or increased unauthorised absences.


A greater emphasis upon the role of subject governors has enabled governors to have a better understanding of subjects and especially the links between them.




The committee continue to have the opportunity to review relevant policies.


The school’s Pupil Premium Strategy document was reviewed and the impact of this spending source discussed.


Governors have a clearer understanding of the review of the curriculum within the early years and the clarity of how this is embedded as starting points within National Curriculum subjects.

The pupil attitude questionnaire and parental questionnaire feedback links to school improvement priorities, and the committee have a deeper insight into how this school target is being developed.


The committee had the opportunities to review and approve a range of policies including the new Quality of Education policy.


Following completion and the analysis of the Governor Body questionnaire a strategic plan has been developed to enable a deeper understanding of the foundation subjects by the relevant governors.


Further establishment of governor monitoring within the school day to enable the monitoring and impact of learning through new strategies including a Governor Visits.

During the 2021-2022 academic year this impact of this committee has been reflected in:

• A broad and balanced curriculum was being delivered to meet the needs of pupils.
• Monitoring the implementation of the school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, including the monitoring of the whole school single central record.
• Ensuring a trained designated safeguarding lead will be onsite through the training of additional members of the school’s leadership team. A lead governor is responsible for reviewing safeguarding within the school and for reporting to the full governing body the overall picture through a Continuum of need to describe the needs;
• Agreeing school’s target for attendance and to analyse comparative data in respect of attendance.
• The school improvement plan for curriculum subjects and monitor this to ensure that it meets the needs for all pupils.
• Receive reports from nominated governors and advised the Finance and Staffing Committee on the relative funding priorities necessary to deliver the curriculum.
• Review and evaluate the pupil premium strategy statement and the effectiveness of previous year’s spending.
• Approve and considered a uniform policy to support and meet the needs of our families;
• Receive feedback from Pupil Attitude and Parental Questionnaires.