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As we have various numbers of children off at the moment, with various illnesses (COVID-19 included), please find some of the resources we have been doing in class, listed below. These are there for you to complete if your child is well-enough to do so. These are linked to multiplication and division as we have been completing these in class. Please feel free to make use of Times Table Rockstars as the children need to be practising their times tables (2's, 3's, 5's, 10's). You could also use the Oak Academy resources by following the link below. There are also some addition and subtraction activities further below that we looked at before Christmas and could be useful as a revisit and recap activity. 


If you require anything additional then please get in touch with me via the class email ( or via Seesaw.



Work from this week (week commencing 24th January 2022). We will be doing similar in class.


In class we will also be recapping all the work we did last term about tallies and pictograms (we did this in computing). You could also have a go at the couple of activities below:


  • Have a go at creating some of your own tallies and create some 'raw data'. Perhaps think about people's favourite food/drink/game/hobby (you could even ask some of your family members to make it a little more realistic. Can you record these in a tally chart and record the frequency too?
  • Can you use Microsoft Excel to create a bar chart of your information from the previous day? You may need an adult to help you.
  • If you cannot do the above, perhaps try drawing your own bar chart (like we did in class), or creating your own pictogram. 


Work from previous weeks that could be used as recaps or as additional activities: