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White Rose maths


As you know, we implement parts of the White Rose maths resources into our maths curriculum.  Whilst children are home learning, White Rose have kindly added resources to their website for the children to be completing.  These are linked to the units the children would be doing in school if they were still here, although the Year 2 units sometimes change slightly due to needing to cover everything before SATs. 


I have added the link to the web page below so the children can have a go at these if you would like them too.  Feel free to use the video support, print the resources to complete them or simply complete them on paper.  You could always share these with me on Seesaw. 


If you feel your child is struggling with the Year 2 activities then feel free to look at the Year 1 activities to see if they match and if these can be used as a starting point.  Please do not move on to the Year 3 resources as these will be taught properly next year.  If the children complete the Year 2 activities and they need another challenge then please contact me on Seesaw or via