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Buildings, Health and Safety Committee

Our Buildings, Health and Safety Committee consists of:


Chair:  Mr D Frost (Chair); Mr A Crompton (Clerk)Mrs L Clayton, Mr A Lewis,  Mr A Holding, Mr T Whittaker and Mr M Boden.  Mrs S Price (Site Supervisor) is also an observer within this committee when appropriate.

Buildings, Health and Safety Committee Impact 2021-2022

During the 2021-2022 academic year the impact of this committee has been reflected in:

• A safe and healthy teaching and learning environment for pupils, staff and visitors;

• The procedures for health, safety and well-being being monitored to ensure that systems, and procedures (including risk assessments) are in place and are implemented;

• Development and maintenance of the school site for all users; • Continued health & Safety provision in response to the pandemic, including approval of the school’s risk assessment. 


Buildings, Health and Safety Committee:

Extracted from Governing Board Annual Report to Parents 2022

• During 2021/2022 the Buildings Health and Safety Committee has continued to support the Headteacher to manage essential maintenance and planned repairs in order to assist with the essential safe learning environment both within classrooms and ancillary spaces together with ensuring safe external play areas whilst maintaining stimulus and exiting places for children’s expression and development.

• Committee members continue to monitor all statutory requirements ensuring from a building perspective all necessary inspections and certificates of safe compliance are in place.

• As school has completed, and identified and prioritised works we as a school are in a very satisfactory position in respect of having a well-maintained functional building, which included the completion of the final stage of an extensive re-roofing programme (concluded in the Autumn of 2021).

• An ongoing programme of systematic redecoration and floor covering replacement continues to ensure aesthetics and comfort are also maintained.

•  Following substantial investment in recent years (including re-roofing; fencing; playground restructure and resurfacing) this committee continues to skillfully plan capital expenditure through the longer term commitment to a school decarbonisation project through Blackburn Diocese which will provide up dated services and buildings efficiency through either an air source/ ground source heating and will include energy saving items such as: windows replacement, draught exclusion and modern LED lighting. This will project will enable the removal of the outdated oil fed heating system and will bring the school right up to date with modern technology reducing our carbon footprint. This is an exciting time for the school and supports our children in their own ambitions and understanding in supporting our planet, and is fantastic learning opportunity.

• The committee looks forward to reporting further on the school’s green commitment and progress.