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Summer 1 Week 5

Summer 1 Week 2

Summer 1 Week 1 - wc 20.4.20

English w.c. 23.3.20:

For English this week, I would like children to look at the work we’ve been doing on ‘The Iron Man’. We’ve already written stories around our version of the book and I would like to further explore fantasy-type stories. This may overlap a bit with the work set for the learning log that was due in at the end of term – if you have already done some work for that, please share it.

The following activities could take place on this topic:

  • Read other books featuring monster/monstrous characters/robots
  • Look at mythological creatures – especially if you can access anything on Roman mythology (as we’ll be covering the Romans soon)
  • Draw (or make) and label our own creature
  • Give our creature an origin story – where did they come from? What do they want?
  • Think about what would happen if our creature came to our home town village – what would we do?
  • Write a story (with your child as the hero) about the creature coming to your village. This doesn’t need to be a conflict! Remind children that the Iron Man wasn’t a ‘baddy’ in the story we read!