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As we have numerous children off school at the moment, on various days and with various illnesses, please make use of the resources below for English if they are well-enough to do so. 


At the moment, we are looking at 'stories by the same author' and we will be focusing on Dick King-Smith, so any reading of Dick King-Smith's books would be a good place to start. In class we have started reading The Hodgeheg as an exciting hook for the unit and we will be looking at the characters in more detail and eventually writing our own stories using The Hodgeheg as a foundation for doing so. 



Activities for the week commencing 24th January 2022


Some suggested activities you could do this week (similar to those we are doing in class). We will be doing one of these a day in class so you could do the same at home.


  • Begin writing your own story, starting with describing where this story is going to take place (setting) and introducing your main character (you may have thought about this last week by choosing an animal from the list of badgers, foxes, moths, bats or owls). You could also explain how a family member was sadly splattered trying to cross the road. 
  • The following day, you could explain how your main character is going to try and get across the road but will fail (without dying) - be creative. 
  • After this, your character could have an accident (e.g. bumped head) and end up mixing up their words. How would they feel? Where would they go? What would they do? 
  • Now can you explain and describe a couple of failed attempts at crossing the road? Think about the ways Max failed in the Hodgeheg and then see if you can think of your own ways he could fail. Perhaps your animal isn't helped by the lollipop person and they need a new idea. Have some fun thinking of new ways to try and cross.
  • Finally, spend some time explaining how your animal successfully gets across the road and remember to use your exciting devices you created last week. You might need to adapt them to make them work for bigger animals but have some fun explaining how they get across the road. 

Older activities from previous weeks that might interest you:


Some of the activities the children could do are: 

  • Create a fact file of all the characters they come across The Hodgeheg
  • Create a mind map for their favourite character, using adjectives (describing words) and nouns (person/place/object) to create a profile
  • Read a selection of Dick King-Smith books and compare similarities and differences between the books they have read
  • Design a new way for hedgehogs to cross the road safely - be as creative as possible. Draw, label and explain the contraption. 
  • Consider how the characters in each story would have been feeling and explain why?
  • Think of other animals that quite often struggle crossing roads safely and think about how they could do this.
  • Consider how Max's family would have felt when they heard Auntie Betty had been killed crossing the road. Have you ever felt these emotions? Can you explain when and why? 

The links below are further resources that you could use to support learning from home if you would like to.

Reading Comprehension Activities