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Mission, Vision and Aims


Brinscall St John’s CE/Methodist Primary School

Vision and Mission Statement


Shine with the light of Jesus – Matthew 5:14-16.   You are the light of the world.


Within our school family, everyone is valued and encouraged to flourish.  We encourage everyone to let their light shine in all aspects of their life, following the example of Jesus Christ. 


We hope for each member of our school family to understand how much they are loved by Jesus, so we can each flourish, and shine His light out into the world around us by the way that we live.



Brinscall St John’s CE/Methodist Primary School

School Aims



St John’s aims are embedded within our Christian vision - ‘Shine with the light of Jesus’, our Vision and Mission Statement and Gospel Values.  At our school, we seek to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for our children. 


We aim to provide opportunities to enable our children to experience life in all its fullness through a curriculum which is rich in opportunities to enable children to ‘Shine with the light of Jesus’ by:


  • Keeping ourselves healthy as God’s Holy Spirit lives within us;
  • Widening the arts and cultural experiences for children, by developing links for the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • Knowing about, marvelling at and taking care of God’s world.


We intend our pupils to acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable them to develop every dimension of themselves: to be confident and willing, caring and concerned, committed to their own development and yet aware of their responsibilities to others. 

These are the aims of our school:  


  1. We seek to help the children to develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus; to know they are loved by Jesus, that they are a child of God, and wonder at His world.
  2. Daily life in school, our ethos and interactions are underpinned by our Mission Statement and the Gospel Values that Christians seek to follow.
  3. We provide an education for the development of the whole child – intellectual, social, spiritual, moral, physical and emotional.
  4. Understanding that we are all part of God’s family, we celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of all children, our families and our communities, identifying, recognising and seeking to develop in each their own particular skills, abilities and talents.
  5. Our children are challenged and supported to develop their abilities and strengths, whilst encouraging them to nurture resilience when facing challenges.
  6. A safe environment is provided, where all children are treated equally with respect and understanding.



All our pupils will be encouraged to apply self-discipline, and we will provide opportunities for them to develop a sense of responsibility in school and in the wider community by:

  • flourishing as God wants us to, and gain the confidence to try and learn new things;
  • shining out His light into the world around – in how we put others first, care for each other and God’s world;
  • understanding what it means to be a child of God – in how we are, in all we do, in how we approach problems and in how we learn.


Brinscall St John’s CE/Methodist Primary School



We are proud of our Christian foundations and recognise that our school, and the relationships we have, are distinctive because of this.  We promote the values and beliefs of the Christian faith, whilst respecting the beliefs and cultures of others. We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promote a range of Christian Values alongside British Values through the experience we offer to all our pupils.  Daily worship and our understanding of Christian Values help us to fulfil our vision and mission statement ‘Shine with the light of Jesus’.