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Class life in photos

What have we been up to?


Year 4 (2022-2023)

Author, Damian Harvey, visits!

History visit to the Lancaster Maritime Museum (Vikings)

Soup making!

Researching different European soups

Drama in English - Charlie found a Golden Ticket!

We are learning to play Boccia

What is Oobleck? Solid, Liquid or Gad?

Researching Mountain Ranges around the world

Some of our amazing Christmas Prayer Lanterns

Dodge ball skills

Designing and starting to make our 'Electric Christmas Prayer Candles'

Electricity inspired dance with Alex from CSSP

Pop Art inspired pictures: unnatural colours and duplicated images

We are reporters interviewing giants in English!

Investigating conductors and insulators of electricity

Circuits: what do we need to make a bulb light up?

Revisiting the Chronology of British History using our active timeline

Programming in Scratch to draw shapes and patterns

Studying our facial features to draw self-portraits

Exploring different uses of Electricity - sorting

Year 4 (2021-2022)

Science investigations about teeth and drinks

Design and Technology textile work

Locating Mountain Ranges around the world

Our visit to The Salvation Army in Preston

Learning about the digestive system in Science

Outdoor Adventure Activities in PE

Peter was told he would be the rock that the church was built on. What does this say about Peter?

Visit to York to learn more about Vikings

Creating our artwork for the upcoming gallery

Science Investigations about States of Matter

How to Train Your Dragon - Freeze frame and drama

Design and Technology: Today we made our own soups that we planned yesterday... all vegetable based. Such a variety!

Design and Technology: Practicing skills and tasting a variety of soups.

Reading the Wreck of the Zanzibar and using our Geography skills - to find out more about where it is set!

Science- Oobleck. Is it a solid or a liquid? What are its properties?

British History Timeline - Chronology - Can they remember the order of the pictures?

Exploring sound in Science

Self portraits

Design and Technology: Prayer Candles

The Science Roadshow

Investigating Anglo-Saxon artefacts

Could we be dramatic with our voice in English? We are looking at play-scripts.

Science investigation: Can we get a bulb to light up?

We were looking at pulse and dynamics in music. Could we echo a rhythm?

Creating our masterpiece for the hall. Our part in the Big Story: Salvation