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15.6.20 Standing up for what you believe.

8.6.20 Pentecost Task 2

1.6.20 Pentecost - Read the story here or in your Bible and creatively re-tell it through either a poem, a rap, a newspaper article, a video, art work.

RE Activity 11.5.20

Women in the Bible (2) Deborah

Still image for this video
Deborah was the first and only woman judge and she was a prophet (Judges 4:4). She was known for her wise decisions and was respected by the people.
Watch the video of her story on Seesaw or on the class website page.
Q1 What are the key qualities of a good leader?
Q2 What are the key qualities of a respected judge?
Task : Create a job advert for a leader and judge for today’s world. What qualities would they need?

Women in the Bible Topic - Jochebed

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Watch the video clip from The Prince of Egypt. You may also want to read the story from the Bible here
Why did Moses’ mother put him in a basket on the river?
What would have happened if she had not done this?
How was she feeling?
Why could this be described as a significant moment?
Did she do the right thing? Why? Why not?
What happened next?
Have you ever had to make decisions? Were these easy or difficult? Why? Why not?