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Guidance for Parents

Parental Guidance and Support


If you require any guidance and support, please contact school who will be able to offer confidential support.  The Designated Safeguarding Lead for school is Mrs L Clayton (Headteacher) and the Backup Designated Safeguarding Lead, in her absence, is Miss J Cotter (Deputy Headteacher).  


If you require more general support, please find below a range of booklets on different topics which may be useful for our families.

Many of the booklets have been sourced from Young Minds.  This is a charity which has a lot of support and information for children and young people's mental health.

If you are a parent who needs help, their helpline is:  0808 802 5544, and/or look at their website:

CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and is how the NHS assesses and treats young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.   You count as a child or adolescent if you’re under 18, however some CAMHS services have an upper age limit of 16 while others will only allow 16-18 year olds to use their service if they’re still in full time education.  In this booklet you’ll find helpful information about CAMHS and how to prepare for your first visit


Some people think depression is an adult condition. But it’s also common in children and young people.

People often say they are ‘feeling depressed’ about something, but this doesn’t mean they have depression.

Depression is a diagnosable disorder where a person’s mood is ‘down’ over a long period of time and this affects their everyday life. It can affect everyone - children at school and teenagers at college, university, in work or not in work, training or education.  Further information is available through Young Minds, and accessible through the booklet below.