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Covid Isolation Pack Sept 2020

This area will contain links and materials for use should children, or groups of children, need to learn from home during a period of quarantine or lockdown. This will be updated as required. 

Below are PDF documents with reading, writing and mathematics activities on. These are general worksheets that will help practise some of the key elements of learning for this academic year. These are intended to last two weeks; however, should you require additional work or have any concerns please contact us. 

If you want additional or alternative home learning, there are also lots of resources on the following webpages:

Oak Academy

BBC Bitesize

Autumn Isolation Project


Can you research an area of the Victorians that interests you. This could be:


- Victorian clothing

- Victorian Christmas

- Victorian toys

- Victorian jobs

- Victorian lifestyle

- If you want a challenge you might want to research all of the above! 


You could present your work as a booklet, a leaflet, art work with a piece of writing or a model with a piece of writing. Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed, let us know if you wish to complete your work in another way! 


Good luck :)