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LO: To contribute to a class database. (WC 1.3.21)

LO: To learn how to search for information in a database. (WC 22.2.21)

LO: To create a competitive, playable game. (WC 25.1.21)


This objective is covered over two lessons. You can either complete it all in one go, or split it up over two weeks.


Read the lesson overview from the Home Learning overview. All resources on the 2Dos Purple Mash. 

LO: To explore text variables (WC 18.1.21)


Variables are like boxes in which the computer can store information. To find the information in the box, each box should be labelled. Therefore, each variable (each of our boxes) needs to have a name. The name should be something that helps you remember what it is. The information inside the box is called the Variable Value. The user, the program or another variable can change this Variable Value. 

In 2Code, variables can either be numbers or strings (words, phrases or even whole sentences) or functions. 


Open 2Do- Free Code Gorilla- Lesson 3.

See home learning overview for breakdown of lesson. 




LO: To design and write a program that simulates a physical system (WC 11.1.21)


We will be creating a program that simulates a physical system. When you are simulating a physical system, you first must break the system down into parts that can be coded. The different parts will come together to make the full simulation. This is called decomposition.

Open the 2do Football game in one tab and the 2do free code gorilla in another tab. Work through the first three stages of the football game instructions. 

Plan and design their programme before coding it. Plans should include: 
What physical system is their programme stimulating?
The parts they will need to code (decomposition)
The parts they will need to remove (abstraction)
How many and what vehicales they will need. 
What their vehicles do. 

Save work to the class file.

LO: Review prior coding (week commencing 4.1.21)


Log in to Purple Mash with your Purple Mash details. If you haven't got these, send me a message and I will send them to you.


1. 2Do- Coding vocabulary Quiz 4. Test your previous vocabulary knowledge on this quiz.

2. 2Do- Lesson 1- Story telling example. Watch this clip of a short programme created with the Free Code Gorilla software. Can you tell which story it is from?

3. Sketch a simple design for your own programme. You should include: what story do you want to tell? (It doesn't have to be a real story). How many objects will you need? How will your objects tell the story?

4. 2Do- Free code Gorilla. Create a short, simple programme in which two characters perform actions to tell a story.

5. Watch this clip which introduces the tabs tool which helps organise your characters.

6. Can you now reorganise your code so that each character has a tab?

7. Save your work in your work in your my work folder.