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Back to school prayers

We are really looking forward to seeing our school family back together again.  However, it is a strange time for everyone, so we bring our prayers before God.

Mrs Draycott's prayer:


Dear God,

It’s been a strange few months and there have been lots of changes.  I am looking forward to getting back to school and seeing everyone again but I know things will be a little different.  Help me when I feel uncertain and give me courage when I feel scared.  I pray for all of the children in our school family.  Keep them safe and fill them with your peace.



A prayer from Mrs McLaughlin:


Father God, 


It's a little scary coming back to school after such a long break. We're not sure about how things will go or all the changes that we know will be coming. But we do know You. You are bigger, You are greater and You are stronger than anything we will face. And we know You love us because you sent Jesus for us all. Please help us remember to look to You when we start to worry or get a little scared.